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This is the impression you get after a comprehensive and thorough visit to Sodikart factory in Couëron, near Nantes. You are immediately struck by the imposing size of the building – with a surface of about 7000 m2 and three stories, it is an impressive and elegant structure. The factory design was chosen to reflect Sodikart's philosophy. Sobriety, elegance, and effectiveness are the indispensable tools for its 90 employees, from production to sales, from R&D to administration – not to mention the race team.

Let's not forget that Sodikart is the karting leading company in the world.
When Sodikart's activity is at its peak, 30-40 karts are manufactured in its production unit every day. Although its manager Gildas Mérian shows some discretion about his success, the annual production reaches at least 4,000 chassis. Europe remains the largest export market for Sodikart, although its karts regularly reach over 40 countries in the world, thanks to a considerable presence in Asia, North America, the Emirates and also Africa.

Although one of the largest in the karting industry, SODIKART is a mid-size company, fully devoted to the karting industry.

Being the industry leader with revenue percentage increasing in the double digits annually, SODIKART is financially one of the strongest kart companies in the world.

SODIKART was created in 1981 by Gildas Mérian, its current chairman. Originally the company focused on distribution and was heavily involved in racing and even achieving world championship.
The company has steadily grown the past 25 years and has become a key player in the karting industry.

As in our earlier days, the company remains committed to make its customers successful through market understanding, service and technical excellence.

SODIKART has built up the necessary industrial support structure to support its worldwide activities for an increasingly demanding market.
Company 1
Company 2
Company 3
SODIKART's strong belief is that the best way to help and support its customers is to closely work with the customers on a global approach of the problems. This has led SODIKART to offer a broad range of products, support and services including:

* Racing and Concession racing karts
* Technical support and service
* Kart equipment and accessories
* Race gear and driver equipment
* Same day shipping of spare parts
* Track design, space planning and other starter advice
* Marketing and sales advice
SODIKART is organized to respond to the needs of its customers. Sales and support are achieved through a network of importers and distributors in several countries who have been thoroughly selected and share SODIKART's philosophies and quest of excellence. The importers and distributors are trained and backed up by the management team at SODIKART and are fully knowledgeable to bring support and service on a broad range of issues such as product choice or technical advice.

At SODIKART the day to day collaboration between the sales, administration, production, technical services and quality control departments ensures quick response and solutions towards any customer needs. All these departments are fully integrated via an information data tracking system that keeps record of all customers comments and uses the data to analyze and improve product performance and quality.
SODIKART's experience in new product development is that karting requires being both innovative and cautious. New solutions can only be implemented after full scale track testing. SODIKART's R&D team of engineers technicians are the best in the business and have the expertise necessary for karting development: materials and structures, auto CAD computer design, engines and experience. SODIKART's R&D budget exceeds 4% of revenue and includes: CAD system, FE analysis code, testing equipment and a fully equipped lab.

R&D priorities design priorities are:
*Comfort and ergonomics

Our R&D department ensures that, as in the past the product will make our customers successful.
Being an international private company, based in Nantes (France) in Western Europe, SODIKART is the No. 1 KART MANUFACTURER IN THE WORLD.

For 30 years, SODIKART has built its reputation on an audacious development strategy, exclusive innovations supported by numerous patents and a constant pursuit of excellence in serving its customers.

SODIKART is a financially sound and profitable company since its creation, present on the five continents and now a key player in the karting market offering a unique range of products and services:

Rental karts ”SODI Rental”
Racing karts “SODI Racing”
Complete range of accessories (Tekneex) and equipment (Box’s)
Distance selling and specialized shops under the brand of ITAKA
Organization of Races and Events (3MK Events)

SODIKART maintains relations based on essential values with all its clients, professionals and private individuals. We invest all our energy and mobilize all our expertise to assert our commitments and the reputation of our brands and to offer long-term support to our partners. Every day, our teams strive to deliver new solutions to the users of our products without ever losing sight of the fact that innovation must serve quality, performance and excellence.
Our values
Nos valeurs
Passion, excellence and management skills
To achieve our objectives in a context of economic globalization and increasing competition, SODIKART relies on strong values, an asserted identity and strict ethics.

Customer orientated
Customer satisfaction represents both the philosophy and the guiding principle of SODIKART: be attentive, understand their needs, put our experience to their service, be true to our word, provide technical performance, confidentiality and individual support by optimizing cost control and lead time management.

People skills
Human relations are at the heart of our business. For the past 30 years, SODIKART has developed a family size team spirit, sharing of knowledge and know-how, creating initiative and respect for ethics. Our company is currently supported by over 90 employees and promotes cooperation at all levels, mutual respect, seeks professional growth and the sense of belonging to a group at a human scale.

Technological excellence, innovation and customer service
Technological excellence, innovation and customer service are the key words at SODIKART. They are the base of its state of mind, its passion and its history. SODIKART guarantees the quality, reliability and security of its karts with a constant dynamic of innovation, its project management skills and understanding of its customers’ specific needs.

Open to the world
For many years SODIKART has been leading a continuous development of its activities around the world. SODIKART and its international business team guarantee perfect responsiveness to our partners by adapting to local markets, understanding specific needs in particular areas and through our permanent presence in the field. The development of our activities is now more than ever our main ambition considering the popularity of our products.
Sodikart background

The SODIKART adventure started in 1981 in Sautron near the city of Nantes, in the West of France. SODIKART was created by Gildas Mérian, who is still at the head of the company; it has spectacularly expanded its operations, always placing innovation and customer service at the heart of its strategy.

From its first small mechanical assistance workshop to the establishment in 1998 of an ultra modern factory of more than 10,000 m², SODIKART has established itself as global market leader while maintaining its innovating spirit and passion unchanged.

1981: Creation of SODIKART by Gildas MERIAN (SODIKART = Société de Distribution de Karting) in Sautron (France, Loire Atlantique) featuring a warehouse for racing parts and an engine preparation workshop.

1982: First national competition titles

1986: Creation of the Sautron karting track

1988: Beginning of the cooperation with Rotax

1991: Creation of the first SODI karts, for rental and racing / Construction in Sautron of the first Sodikart factory (1,000 m²) / Creation of the ITAKA brand for accessories and equipment and launching of the first mail-order catalogue in the karting world.

1993: Construction of the first factory

1993: Sodikart and its SODI chassis become Karting World Champion with David Terrien and Manufacturer's World Champion with its revolutionary chassis, the “Sodi Futura”

1998: Construction in Couëron (France), of the largest and most modern kart factory in the world more than 10,000 m²) / Launching of the Challenge Sodikart Smile race

1999: Launching of the Challenge Rotax France / Creation of the equipment brand Box’s

2004: Sodikart comes back to top competition and finishes second of the Karting World Championship with Arnaud Kozlinski and wins the title of Manufacturer's World Champion.

2005: The Sodi chassis win another second place at the Karting World Championship with Arnaud Kozlinski / Creation of the Bridgestone Cup during the Formula 1 French Grand Prix

200?: Sodi becomes the number one kart manufacturer in the world!

2009: Launching of the Sodi W Series (SWS)

2010: The Sodi chassis win more than 750 races over the world (all competitions combined) / Sodi becomes an Official Partner of the Rotax / Itaka World Finals

2011: Creation of the brand of accessories Tekneex and launching of the “TTT by Tekneex” technology
Innovation and Technology
Innovation and creativity have been driving the development of SODIKART for 30 years and all new projects must make our karts, our accessories, our equipment more competitive, more efficient and more in line with their markets. Our Research and Development department is composed of engineers, specialized and devoted experts. They develop, adapt, correct, check, with one main objective: producing quality karts which are secure, durable, efficient, innovative but above all unique…

Knowledge and understanding of our customers’ needs is a strategic issue. Although a kart seems quite basic, for rental or racing, it is always a sophisticated product subject to specific restrictions.

Innovation In order to remain durable and withstand specific use applied to business operations, rental karts must feature numerous intrinsic qualities and benefit from technological innovations which provide a solid guarantee to the track owners.

Race karts must also benefit from the optimization of performances and an adaptation thereof to the conditions on the race tracks worldwide.

Our R&D team devotes a major part of its activities to continuously optimizing those needs. The R&D team is continuously monitoring technological development and is strongly involved in new projects, it provides technical solutions meeting the design, quality and cost control requirements which are increasingly demanding and searches for creative solutions to optimize production processes.

Whether focusing on industrialization or the selection of new materials, new motorizations, new techniques, the SODIKART R&D team is particularly committed to the implementation of an innovative environmental approach.
Distribution network
Sodikart attaches a special value to the quality of its partnerships with all its representatives throughout the world. Confidence, professionalism, reliability and experience unite us with those who represent our brands on a daily basis.
SODI chassis are distributed differently depending on whether they are for the rental market (SODI RENTAL) or for racing (SODI RACING).
For rental karts, with the exception of certain markets (see the SODI RENTAL network map), SODIKART sells its karts directly through a team of experts worldwide.
Sodikarts commitments
As part of its strategy for long-term growth, SODIKART seeks to integrate and build its civil contribution to sustainable development based on three convictions:
- pursuing useful technical innovations, designed and implemented through the skills of its teams,
- assume its economical, social and environmental responsibilities,
- maintain relations with all its partners based on ethical values and true communication.

Today karting is totally associated with the image of automobile and more generally motor sports. It is the subject of many debates, and the impact of the kart activity now challenges companies, both for their present quality of life and for their future development.

The FIA institute (ration Internationale Automobile) encourages all its contributors to work in the field of sustainable development providing information and advice on the best environmental practices, procedures and technologies which can be applied to motor sports and karting.
As such, SODIKART has committed to identifying the possible measures to minimize the effects of karting in competitions and for rental.

The impact of our commitment is on the design and technology of the karts, management of the infrastructures, monitoring and limiting of emissions, environmental awareness, programs to compensate for carbon emissions, the optimization and storage of energy and the preservation of our natural environment.

Expanding our area of competence to include environmental issues is a natural evolution for SODIKART who wishes through its implication to continue maintaining the exemplary effort it attempts to show every day to give a better image of karting in the world.